If you’re in North Devon, you probably want to do something a bit different. There are places all
over the country where you can sunbathe on the beach or mooch around the shops, but our wild
stretch of the coast always seems to inspire the urge to do something a bit different.
North Devon is just a great place to go on an adventure.
Sparking that adrenaline, getting the heart racing, getting active and moving, doing something
brand new that you’ll remember forever. Now that’s what we’re talking about. And one of the
best ways to tick all four boxes? Quad biking.

Quad biking in North Devon will exhilarate and challenge you – but with a little help,
anyone can do it

Quad biking is a fantastic activity to pick because it’s suitable for everyone, regardless of age,
gender, or skill level: here at Keypitts, we have courses for thrill seekers as young as six; quad
biking can be enjoyed by any gender; you don’t have to have done it before and even if you
have, you don’t have to be any good.
Quad biking provides everything you need for a good adventure. It’s exhilarating and
challenging, but it’s indiscriminate and anyone can do it with a bit of help. Even the token
indoorsy person in your group will find themselves letting loose, having fun, and enjoying the
splash of mud for once.
You don’t need experience to be able to quad bike with us, and our instructors will provide you
with a full safety brief as well as tuition and training when you begin your session. However, if
you do want to make the most of quad biking in North Devon, there are tips and tricks that you
can use to ride better as well as safer. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Wear the right clothing

Sounds obvious, right? But appropriate clothing is really important for quad biking. This is an all-
weather activity (it can actually be more fun in the rain – the wetter the better!) and in the rainy
UK, there’s always the chance of grey skies, drizzle and a LOT of mud. Being worried about
your Sunday best getting dirty is only going to distract from how much fun you could be having,
and is also kind of inevitable.

Wear closed toe shoes like wellies, walking boots or trainers. Bring waterproofs (we also sell
these for £10 a set if need be). Balaclavas and gloves are also advisory though we do sell these
on site too.

Be aware of the weather

Quad biking is an all weather sport, don’t get us wrong – and going out in the mud and rain can
actually be a lot more fun! But if you are quad biking in these conditions, you need to be aware
of the impact on your surroundings. Make sure you don’t rev too much in the mud, this could
result in your quad bike becoming stuck. Be careful not to submerge your quad in too much
water as this can damage the quad bike (and result in a quick rescue mission).

Pay attention to your instructors

They’re here for a reason. It’s important to pay full attention to your safety brief and your training
session. That includes you, seasoned quad bikers – even if you know your way around a quad,
our instructors will be far more familiar with our site and the specific quads that we have to offer.
Don’t disregard safety warnings and don’t think you know better than our experts. There’s a
reason we hired them!
If you don’t feel confident in your skills by the time your training session is over, let an instructor
know. They will always be happy to provide a little one-on-one tuition or additional training
before you get started on an actual ride.

Keep your feet inside the quad

Keep your feet firmly planted on the quad, and don’t splay out your legs. It might feel more
natural, but you’ll be in a bit of a pickle if they then catch against obstacles on the site.

Be gentle with the accelerator

Particularly if you’re new to quad biking, it’s important to ensure that you’re being gentle with the
accelerator. Using too much pressure or moving it too quickly can easily enable you to lose
control of your quad bike. Take it steady, as you go on you’ll be able to safely increase your

How are you sitting?

Make sure you’re sitting on the quad bike as advised by the instructors. Not only will you feel
more comfortable, but you’ll be a lot safer. The way we sit on a quad bike is actually really
important; maintaining a low centre of gravity will mean that you have more control over the
quad, but it’ll also help prevent dangerous accidents like flipping.

Use your bodyweight

Using your body weight wisely will help you to retain good control of the quad bike, and will also
create a much smoother ride. Shifting your body at the precise right moment will help you to
move the quad with ease, and make parts of the track like hills or ditches easier, while leaning
into corners will make completing them a breeze. By properly using your body weight, you can
avoid any obstacle with ease.

Not only will these tips help to keep you safe, but they’ll make for a much better, smoother and
all-around more enjoyable ride. You’ll want to make the most of your time on our off-road site –
trying to adopt these best practices and listening to your instructors will help you to do just that.
Ready to go quad biking in North Devon? Book your session now!

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